January 2011, Eijsterbeemden; Maasduinen; Bayerische Wald

Because of the possitive feedback from my release of my website in December 2010, I thougt that it would be nice to open a blog.

Today issue one: January 2011.

In the beginning of January some floodplains of rivers in The Netherlands were flooded. One an afternoon I went to a nature area called Eijsderbeemden just south of Maastricht

In a newspaper I read an article about the hamster reserve near the village of Sibbe. Apparently there are a lot of birds during the winter there. Time for a visit !

Later in January I tried some more landscape photgraphy in a national park called the Maasduinen I went to a lake named Reindersmeer. 

The village of Bergen is the center of national park the Maasduinen, close to this village I found a couple of Bewick's Swans

Towards the end of January I went to national park Bayerische Wald in Germany. On the internet you can find  lots of pictures made in the "Tier Freigelande Bayerische Wald" It is a wildlife park were captive animals are kept in large enclosures. When I arrived there, it  was snowing. Excellent conditions for photography ! I also tried some slow shutterspeed photography to create motionblur.