July 2011, Part 3, Rwanda Volcanoes National Park


For a long time I wanted to see gorillas in the wild. This year I went to Rwanda to visit the Mountain Gorillas. You have to make arrangements in advance. I booked my tour through www.access-rwanda-safaris.com . I stayed in the Mountain Gorillas View Lodge. It is a beautifull lodge with a wonderful garden. Just when I arrived the traditional dancers started their performance.




























The next morning I started with a Golden Monkey trekking.


















In the garden of the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, you can find many birds.























On the 12th of July I did my first Gorilla trekking. I went with 8 tourists; ranchers; guards; trackers and porters  to the Susa group.





At the visitor center, loggers were busy with cutting wood.These are eucalyptus trees, a species from  Australia.






After a 4 hour hike we reached the Susa Group.






















































































The next day I did another gorilla trekking. This time to the Umubano Group. It was a very steep climb, but we reached this group after a couple of hours. Just when we arrived, these two youngsters were play fighting 






























These Grey Crowned Cranes were walking in the garden of the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge.







In the afternoon we were driving to one of the crater lakes. On the way we had a flat tyre. These children were very intrested when we were busy replacing the wheel.





















On the third day of gorilla trekking, we went to the Sabinyo Group.
















This is a photo of me with ranchers; trackers; guards; and the porter. The guards carry guns to scare away elephants or buffalos when necessary.




On the last day in Volcanoes National Park I did another Golden Monkey trekking.





















On the way to Akagera National Park we stopped in Musanze. This tailor repaired my trousers. His name is Adriaan and when you see his shirt, I think he is originally from Holland, but he lives in Rwanda for a long time.