March 2011, Biesbosch; Lac du Der; Mariapeel; Grote Peel; Het Vinne; Arkemheen

March: winter turns to spring !

I started with a workshop with professional wildlife photographer Marco de Paauw from . This workshop took place in National park De Biesbosch.















In spring Cranes are migrating from the south to the north. At Lac du Der in France there is a place were they stop for some time before travelling further north.





























Towards to end of March the Moor Frogs start their mating season. The males will become blue for a few days. I found a nice place to photograph them: National Park Mariapeel. This is a very nice park also for landscape photography.






























Close to national park mariapeel is National park De Groote Peel. There are Moor Frogs here, but i did not have a good change to photograph them. There is a observation hide, Little Grebes can swim close to the hide






Through internet surge I found a place in Belgium called Het Vinne. A lot of Black-necked Grebes are arriving there in spring time.























At the end of March I went to one of my favorite places: Arkemheen