May 2011 part 1, Belgium: Platwijers; De Luysen; Het Zinne

So it has been to long since I updated my website. I did not take any photos in April. But I catched up in May, when I took more then 10.00 photos!

Of course it took some time to sort them al out and edit them. I decided to devide this update in four parts. This is part one. I got a tip a few months ago about a place in Belgium near Zonhoven it is called Platwijers, you can find lots of Bitterns, with some patience you can make some nice shots !






































An other day I went to "De Luysen". I had been there before but did not have much luck at that time. This time I saw a female Bluethroat.

















I have been in March to "Het Zinne", photographing Black-necked Grebes, I was hoping to make photograps of the young ones. But I did not see any, when I was there. Still it was a nice day for photography!