May 2011 part 2:Nieuwkoopse Plassen; Groene Jonker; Waverhoek

This is part two from the updates in May. I rented a haystack hut from . It is on a farm perfectly located close to "De Groene Jonker" and "Waverhoek". Also national park "Nieuwkoopse Plassen" is nearby. It was the first time for me to visit these places.

I did some canoeing in the Nieuwkoopse Plassen but I find out that this is not a great way for photography. For me it is better to rent a boat. Anyway I did make a few nice photos.















I left the canoeing for what it was and went the "Groene Jonker". It is a wonderfull nature area

























































































I got a tip from the owners of about this place called "Waverhoek". I was amazed by the large numbers of Avocets over there. Before, I was not able to take nice pictures of these elegant birds. When I was lying on the ground, there were a few aproaching close enough for a photograph.