November 2011 Autumn in The Netherlands

In this upate I want to show you some photo's from the autumn in The Netherlands. These are made on different locations in the province of Limburg in the South of The Netherlands.






When you think of autumn, you think of mushrooms. Most of the time I had to photograph them with my face on the ground to make a nice composition.



These mushrooms I found on a Beech Tree. For once I did not have to photograph them with my face on the ground.












Most of the mushrooms were taken with a 180mm macro lens.These Fly Agarics I took with a 15-85mm lens at 15mm to show some of their environment.






















Most of the images of mushrooms are taken at the Brunssummerheide. A nature reserve close to my home. In the autumn you find there a lot of mushrooms. But the landscape is nice too!






 Close to the city of Sittard there is a castle called Erenstein. In the surroundings there is a Beech Tree forrest and several large ponds.







I like to photograph reflections in the water. Here the reflections of Beech Trees in a small river called Rode Beek.
















Here a Little Grebe running over the water at Isabella Griend not far from the city of Roermond.




Back to one of the ponds at Erenstein Castle, were I photographed this Mallard with a very slow shutterspeed.




Almost al the time when I go to Erenstein Castle I see a Kingfisher flying with high speed along the wateredge. This time I saw one landing on a tree when I was photographing Mallards.




One morning when I was photographing Geese at Erenstein Castle I saw this egret in the very first sunbeam.

























At Erenstein Castle there is a bridge which connects two walkways above a big pond. In the morning when the Geese are departing to their feeding grounds, they will fly over the bridge when the wind is from the east. With my 15-85mm lens I made this picture just when the first Geese flown over the bridge