October 2011, part 2, Bayerische Wald Germany

In the last week of October I participated in a workshop from professional wildlife photographer Marco de Paauw from www.wildlifeimages.nl . We went to The Bayerische Wald in the South- East of Germany close to the Czech border. Earlier this year I was there in wintertime. This time I wanted to capture the autumn colours. In the Bayerische Wald there is a big wildlife park where they keep european animals in natural enclosures. During this workshop, we also did several trips to photograph the beautifull landscapes in the Bayerische Wald.



Some areas in the Bayerische Wald are effected by the Longhorn Beetle. They can do extensive damage to living trees.








Most of the days we went to the National Park Centre Mt. Lusen Area which is close to the village of Neuschonau. Sometimes the Lynx is hard to spot. But it is nice to photograph them in a natural environment although these are captive animals.















Earlier this year I was in Finland to photograph Brown Bears.Of course wild bears are more exciting to photograph, but now in the National Park Centre I could photograph them in autumn colours.















Most of the time I use a 50-500mm zoom lens to photograph animals. The Wild Boar in the park are so used to people that it is possible to get very close. I used a 15-85mm zoom lens to take this picture.

















Marco found this Ural Owl, it was escaped from it's enclosure. The staff still feed this owl. With my 50-500mm I took a whole serie of pictures of the same animal.











During the week we visited two different wildlife centers. For the wolves we went to National Park Centre Mt. Falkenstein Area.

















This Wild Cat I photographed in National Park Centre Mt Lusen Area.

























We stayed in a guesthose in the village of Altschonau. It is a wonderfull place. On a misty morning I took this photo right outside the guesthouse.





On this morning we rushed to capture the great atmosphere.





Marco found a parking at a restaurant, it is a very nice setting and I tried different compositions after some time  I took this photo. In the restaurant they served the famous German kuchen 











































The participants from the workshop. It was a very nice week.  It was great to do photograph with a group, normally I go on my own.

If you like to see all of my pictures of the Bayerische Wald, also the ones I made last winter then click here: