September 2011, Tree Frogs in De Doort

I wanted to photograph Tree Frogs In The Netherlands for some time. I did find some pictures from Tree Frogs which were taken in The Netherlands on the internet. With more investigation I found a place not far from my home. It is called De Doort.

One good day in September I went to this nature reserve. I was searching for Tree Frogs for a long time and I did not find any, even after tips from an another photographer. But I did not give up after my first day of searching, I went again the next day, and I found them!

European Tree Frogs are very small, I used my 180mm macro lens to photograph them.












On the first day that I found the Tree Frogs the sun was shining, I used a fill in flash to brighten the shadows.

Of course in this nature reserve there are more things to see then Tree Frogs. I found this Comma butterfly



















When you finally find Tree Frogs and start to photograph them, it will get borig after some time because they are just sitting in the sun and it seems that they do not do anything. I was luckey that I found one trying to catch an insect.






On another day I came back to De Doort. This time the weather was not that great. After some time it started to rain. Even in the rain you can find nice things to photograph.






After it stopped raining I found the Tree Frogs again.




Normally you can find Tree Frogs on a blackbarry bush.






















I found this Ladybug, after taking a few pictures it expanded its wings and took off






Apparently these Dock Bugs are not on the menu of the Tree Frog. Several times I found some Bugs close to the Tree frogs, but the Tree Frog never ate these Bugs.